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Heritage Newquay



Trenance Heritage Cottages

Serving up a slice of Old Newquay is Trenance Cottages, a trio of beautifully renovated, Grade II listed, Cornish cottages that are open to the public and free to enter – the only such row of pre-railway age dwellings found in Cornwall! The Garden Cafe is situated here.

The site has been lovingly restored and is managed by the charity, Trenance Cottages Newquay. Through the charity, the board of trustees and the army of volunteers preserve, protect and display period artefacts in the cottages to offer visitors an insight in to the heritage of Newquay, its residents of the past, and its period architecture- with parts of the old buildings dating back to the 1800's. Find out more:


The Garden also offers some newer Newquay history through its Nostalgia menu and we will give Granny Ould who lived at the cottages a nod with our chutneys (she loved a chutney). 



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